All Sun-Mar units include everything needed for installation. The package contains the complete vent stack, electrical power cord, peat mix to start the compost, and an owner's manual which covers installation, start-up, and ongoing maintenance.

All units with 1" drains include a 10 ft. length of drain hose.

Installation of the vent stack is the main task in installing self-contained units. Vent stacks for electric units include a 10 ft. length of 2" pipe (15 ft for central units), pipe fittings, diffusor, and roof flashing. Self-contained electric units also include 6 ft. of vent pipe insulation.

These same components are included with non-electric units except that the vent is 8 ft. of 4" pipe (13 ft. for Central units).

The diffusor is a device originally patented by Sun-Mar principals, and is designed to facilitate updraft, avoid freezing up in winter, and protect the vent from downdraft and weather.

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