Hardy Sundberg
, Sun-Mar founder, and father of two Sun-Mar partners, developed an incinerating toilet for cottage use in Sweden.

It was good, but not environmentally friendly enough for Hardy, who in 1971 went on to invent the first ever self-contained composting toilet. This toilet was very successful and won a gold medal at the International Inventor's Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1977, Hardy's second generation composting unit, the TROPIC, was born. This toilet was still being produced in North America as late as 1996.

The big performance breakthrough came in 1979 with the arrival of the first three chamber Sun-Mar. This unique North American design had three isolated chambers, so that for the first time conditions for composting, for evaporation, and for compost finishing could now be optimized. This dramatically increased capacity, ease of operation, and the effectiveness of Sun-Mar units.

Sun-Mar remains the world leader in composting toilets, and dominates the North American market with its unparalleled range of 22 models from 6 different product families. Each model is distinguished by innovative design, superior technology, and Sun-Mar's legendary quality. ALL "Sun-Mar" units carry a full 5 YEAR replacement warranty on the fiberglass tank and a Comprehensive 3 YEAR parts replacement warranty on all other parts

The high quality materials used in a Sun-Mar are largely fiberglass and marine grade stainless steel. The quality of construction at our QS-9000/ISO 9002 certified plant ensures that your Sun-Mar will be part of your family for generations. The unique three chamber system and the patented Bio-drumô designed into all Sun-Mar units, are just two examples of Sun-Mar's original and effective approach to composting.

The way a Sun-Mar works may be unique, but it is also elegantly simple. No one else in the world puts a composting drum inside a toilet! Luckily for Sun-Mar, our many international patents ensure that only Sun-Mar can take full advantage of the benefits a drum offers for mixing and aeration. If you still have questions after reviewing this site, we encourage you to phone and discuss your particular situation. At Sun-Mar we pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful attitude with customers.


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