Advantages of a Separate Compost Finishing Drawer

  • Composting can be completed in the drawer without contamination by fresh waste.
  • Compost in the drawer is gradually dried until ready for removal
  • Finished compost can be simply and safely removed

The finishing drawer serves two functions: to receive the compost in an easily-accessible isolated container, and complete the composting and sanitation processes.

All Units Except CENTREX 3000 Series

  • Compost drops directly into the finishing drawer when the drum is rotated backwards.
  • Composting is completed in the drawer, where it is isolated from fresh waste and possible contamination.
  • While in the drawer, the compost is surrounded by a stream of drying air, and gradually dries prior to removal.
  • The pull out finishing drawer is removed by hand (no tools or screws are needed), and the sanitized compost may be emptied whenever more compost is to be extracted from the drum.
  • For seasonal units, several drawers may be removed in the Spring, reducing the compost level in the drum to 4-6" to make room for next year’s operation.

CENTREX 3000 Series Units Only

  • There are two compost finishing drawers in the CENTREX 3000 series units. Both are easily removed by hand and are interchangeable.
  • The first drawer is inside the collection housing at the side of the unit. This is where the finished compost automatically falls after leaving the second section of the Bio-drum.
  • The second drawer is located inside the unit. Moving compost from the first drawer to this second station allows the composting cycle to be extended if necessary. This can help ensure the compost is safe to handle.
  • For seasonal units, the second section of the drum can be emptied in the Spring by rotating the drum backwards and dropping compost into the second drawer.


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