The Composting Chamber - Sun Mar's Patented Bio-Drum  
Advantages of Composting in a Bio-drum
  • Tumbling implants oxygen throughout the compost for use by aerobic bacteria
  • Tumbling ensures that the bulking material is well mixed into the compost.
  • The screen at the rear ensures the compost does not get saturated and drive out the oxygen
  • Tumbling distributes the moisture evenly throughout the compost
  • The compost is shielded from direct heat and so does not dry out.
  • The mass in the drum enables the compost to hold warmth in the core of the compost.

The ideal way to compost waste would offer operational simplicity, and an environment where there is warmth, moisture, organic material, and oxygen. Sun-Mar creates this ideal environment in the patented Bio-drum. This unique Sun-Mar Bio-drum allows aerobic microbes to flourish, and work much more quickly to break down waste and toilet paper and convert them back to earth.

Excel Drum

Operational Simplicity

Waste and peat mix bulking material enter through the waste inlet port in the top of the drum. The drum is rotated periodically simply by turning a handle on the front (self-contained units) or side (central units). As the drum rotates, the input port closes automatically to keep the compost in the drum. Compost is extracted from the Bio-drum simply by releasing a drum lock and rotating the drum backwards. Now, compost drops automatically through an open port in the Bio-drum directly into the compost finishing drawer. After rotating, the Bio-drum locks itself in a top dead center position ready to receive new material.

Controlling Moisture

Moisture control, vital to successful composting, is perhaps the outstanding benefit offered by the Bio-drum.

Below 40% moisture content, composting slows and eventually stops completely. Sun-Mar avoids this by not applying direct heat to the compost and so avoiding excessive evaporation from the Bio-drum. Meanwhile, the tumbling action during mixing distributes moisture evenly throughout the compost.

Above 60% moisture content, liquid starts to drive out the oxygen in the compost, and the compost becomes increasingly anaerobic,- like a septic system. The Bio-drum is uniquely able to maintain composting speed, by automatically draining excess liquid though a screen in the bottom of the drum directly into the evaporating chamber.

Centrex 2000 Drum

Maintaining Warmth

The microbes generate their own heat as they work. This warmth is held in the compost by the mass of material inside the drum, supported by indirect heat from the base heater (in electric units). By avoiding direct heat, Sun-Mar ensures that composting will not slow down as the material gets dried out.

Supplying Oxygen

Sun-Mar's unique Bio-Drum design is the easiest and best possible way to thoroughly and completely mix and oxygenate the compost. After rotating the drum, microbes have all the oxygen they need for several days before activity gradually begins to slow down.

  Compact Drum