The Mountain Lions use a Sunmar Composting Toilet


The Mountain Lions use a Sunmar Composting ToiletWhat a great looking composting toilet!We have a large inventory of composting toilets in stock for immediate delivery

The Mountain Lions use a Sunmar Composting ToiletThe Mountain Lions did not use this composting toilet


Our Customers love their Composting ToiletsThe Bio-drum aerates the compost for superior performance in Sunmar Composting ToiletsThe Sunmar Composting Toilet is easier to install than an outhouse

Whether you are having:
Plumbing Problems,
Drainage Problems
An Overloaded Septic Tank or Septic System       
Sensitive Ecological Area
Cannot get Building Permits
Cannot Pass a Perc Test
Do not have a source of water
Or just want to live in Harmony with the Earth

The Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Line offers over 32 Systems to choose from.
We offer Self Contained Easy to Install Toilets such as the Excel High Capacity toilet, the Excel Non Electric toilet, The handy Compact toilet, and the small SpaceSaver toilet that will fit in your closet.

For the more gentile among you, we have a large selection of Centrex Composting systems that incorporate a Flush Toilet in the Bathroom and the Sunmar Composter that has located below.
Sun mar cottage toilets can make your cottage a lot more fun and not as rustic to the ladies.
We also offer a full line of RV toilets and Marine toilets that are also Coast Guard Approved.
That means no more "Pump Outs."

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